Guidelines: Muscle and Custom Training Program Essay

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Guidelines & Tips for you 6 Week Custom Training Program

First off, many thanks for allowing me to create a fully customized 6 week program, you are not only showing your support and trust in me, but you are making an investment in your body to become a healthier, stronger, and sexier version of yourself. Make note that this is a 6 week program consisting of 3-6 training days a week (the number of training days you’ll see on your program is based on the info you gave me). Note that each sheet contains one day of the week (day one may be leg day for example), which you will repeat 6 times (once per week) until your program is complete. See where the “week” column is? You will enter the date you complete that given day there, then continue to fill out of the program horizontally across every “week one” row. This way you can actually SEE you progress on paper as you get stronger and you can also keep track of what weight to use each week (try to go up in weight weekly it you can, just never sacrifice form).

Notice that your sets and reps may change slightly with each week, (I determine your sets and reps based on the goals you gave me in your form) so the workouts will somewhat vary even though you are performing essentially the same movements. Each day has a focus; depending on the info you provided me, it may be a muscle group each or a different style of training (full body metabolic conditioning for example). I do not prescribe your weight for you. I want you to determine that on your own (since I am not there beside you, I can’t visually assess your muscular strength/muscular endurance). Choose a weight that challenges you… those last few reps should be a struggle but not impossible. Write down the weight you used as you continue to fill in your program. **Side note: if is up to you how you chose to fill in any dumbbell lifts. You can add the 2 and total the weight or you can put “25’s”, for example. Just be consistent.

Notice the numbers and letters (“groupings”) on the left side of the plan. You are going to perform all A’s together (A1 A2… possibly A3) in one superset/circuit for as many sets as prescribed (it will be anywhere from 3-5 sets usually). Move on to do the B’s in a superset (B1 B2…) followed by the C’s and so on. Some letters may only have one number, in which case that…