Guiding Hands Essay

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Guiding Hands
Everyone present here might have felt the warmth and comfort of a guiding hand at anytime of your lives. They are inevitable to a man’s development, starting from the very first steps he takes through to his life. Who or what are guiding hands? It’s that moral support, that consoling figure, which makes our life easy through our difficulties, or helps us recover from a fall.
Being a student and a teenager, I face a lot of challenges and peer pressure but my parents are always there to comfort and guide me. Yeah at times they are very strict but I am lucky to have an Uncle who extends his hands to guide me whenever I am in distress. There are teenagers out there that do not have such “guiding hands” to comfort them.
In life there are times where we just don’t know which path to take and that is when we need that help, because if you take the wrong path then the consequences and the situations that an individual can come in are enormous.

As stated earlier Guiding hands are important in every man’s life from birth to old age, especially for young kids during their teenage years. So it is teenagers who require Guiding hands more than anyone else as they grow from childhood to youth. From TV news and through Newspapers we find that there is an increase in youth violence, in Australia. Statistical Data suggests that there has been a steady increase of people in Australia taking drugs and alcohol. Particularly within the age of 15 and 24 and that 1 in every 7 student from high school takes alcohol.

Youth violence can develop in different ways. Some children exhibit problem behaviour in early child-hood that gradually escalates to more severe forms of aggression before and during adolescence. Between 20% and 45% of boys and 47% and 69% of girls who are serious violent offenders at the age of 16–17 years are on what is termed a ‘‘life-course persistent developmental pathway’’. Young people who fit into this category commit the most serious violent acts and often continue their violent behaviour into adulthood.

Youth violence is mostly from males although some females tend to participate in youth violence. The reason why females tend not to involve in youth violence is that it is scientifically proven that they mature faster and that they are less aggressive. The role of alcohol has a massive impact on youth violence; most of the youth violence from Australia is mainly caused of alcohol. It creates an altered view of situations. It reduces inhibitions of constraints, especially when provoked. Which means that anyone can provoke those who are heavily drunk into doing something. It also increases the sense of ego in our minds and increases the sense of invincibility.

Parental behaviour and family environment are key factors to the development of violent behaviour in young people. Poor monitoring and supervision of children at young age and the use of harsh and painful punishment leads to progressive violence from the youth.

Peer influences during adolescence are considered to have a positive effect on the young. But it is also a danger. Having delinquent friendships leads to violence. It is unclear even by researchers if this delinquent friendships occur after violence from a person or if the violence occurs after the delinquent friendships. But one thing is clear and that is if one has a delinquent friendship then it will lead to trouble.

Income inequality is a very rare factor of youth violence. Some teenagers find it just hard to have no wealth, and most want to earn that through working easy. When they realise that they must get a good job. They start committing crimes for money. As mentioned this is very rare but is found in Australia.

I think that it is the time to find a solution to this problem that has been haunting many teens for the last few decades. That is youth violence! Well let’s start from the basics. In the age of adolescence your brain starts to change. So a good diet with