Guilt Free Gluttony Essay

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Guilt Free Gluttony

Yes I can, eat the whole pan of zucchini that is. Upon arrival to HEB, I spotted my favorite vegetable, zucchini. Its bright green outer layer had been freshly misted by water. It strongly resembled a blooming tree in the spring that had just been kissed by the rain. Quickly, I chose three of their very best, cautiously searching the vibrant green skin for any bad spots, discolorations, and puncture wounds. I held them in my hand delicately like a new born puppy, making sure that they are the perfect size and weight. My prizes are no longer than the length of my foot and no heavier than a ripe apple. They are supple to touch but not squashy like an overripe banana. Therefore, it is possible to formulate my pleasure master pieces in a chiefly manner. Now to choose how to prepare these beauties; they can be eaten raw or cooked any way imaginable. The versatility of this vegetable is amazing and I prepare them accordingly to the time of year and mood I am in. Their flavor can be ever changing like colors on a chameleon. As always, I leave the bright green shiny skin on and will slice the cucumber shaped vegetables lengthwise, right down the middle. The sweet pale succulent pulp is now making its appearance. After carving slices that now resemble a mouth, I put them ever so gently in a baking dish. I see a bunch of smiles looking up at me in the pan. A shower of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is next. The smiles are glossy, like teeth after a cleaning at the dentist. Minced garlic, salt, pepper, Italian seasonings, and red pepper flakes will keep them company in their 375 degrees sunny beach vacation. As soon as the pulp becomes golden tan, I will take them out, make them flip over so they don’t burn, and then sprinkle them with splashes of a shredded Italian cheese mixture. They go back to the beach to allow the cheeses to become golden tan as well.

The aroma of garlic, Italian herbs, and sweet zucchini fill the kitchen like a burst bubble of goodness. Yes, smells like home sweet glorious home! My mouth begins to salivate, starting a summer shower of its own. Out of nowhere, family members swarm to my pan of golden toastiness like ants to sugar. Really? Back off! I am the