Guilty: A Short Story

Words: 322
Pages: 2

“Guilty as charged.” Ray’s easy smile had returned.
Casey countered, “I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m a sure bet.”
Ray gulped. “I’m ready to leave are you?”
“I’m ready,” she replied. The lift of her eyebrow implied more than simply leaving the restaurant.

For Ray, the drive home was an exercise in control. Casey kept her hand on his thigh teasing him the entire ten miles by stroking up and down edging closer and closer to his manhood. She could feel him squirming in his seat. It gave her a heady pleasure knowing she was in control. He expelled a deep breath when Glendara came into view.
Ray waited for her to unlock the door before pulling her inside to push her up against the wall in the entry and yank the straps of her dress down