Gumamela Petals as Dishwashing Liquid Essay

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Gumamela Petals as Dishwashing Liquid:
The Effectiveness of Gumamela Petals in Removing Stains and Grease

An Official Requirement in Research II

Rico Emmanuel A. Pineda
Arnieca Lulu
Kim R. Mamayson
Jhunaiza C. Santos

Mr. Lucky Sonny A. Ligsanan
Research Adviser

I. Introduction
Washing dishes is one of the major house chores our parents are facing every day. One of hardest part of washing dishes are the tough stains and grease that is all over the common kitchen tools we use in our everyday life. Dishwashing liquid is a great help to minimize the time of removing those tough stains and grease on our kitchen tools and it totally removes all the dirt of common kitchen tools. Imagine yourself washing the
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Many species are grown for their showy flowers or used as landscape shrubs, and are used to attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. These are native to warm-temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. There are about 300 species of Gumamela or Hibiscus plants found worldwide.
The Hibiscus flowers have prominent columns and lobed leaves with proper stems. They are erect with many branches and smooth shrubs which are about 1 to 4 meters in height. The toothed leaves are ovate and are 7 to 12 centimeters long. The flowers are solitary, very large and are around 10 centimeters long and 12 centimeters in diameter. Some of these flowers can be compact and dense while others are open and thin. They have a long, central tube with stamens and pistils at the tip. Their petals are seen in brilliant shades of color from white, pink, yellow, peach, red, orange, purplish-red or rose white. Although these lush flowers may look fragrant, they generally lack any scent and last for only a day or two (Retrieve from:

According to Samantha Mitchell (2000), Gumamela contains mucilage, a chemical that enables Gumamela petals to produce bubbles. Gumamela also contains phosphorus, calcium, and iron. These vitamins can help you remain healthy or help fight certain diseases. It is for these vitamins in the flowers and other parts of Gumamela that make it important for medicine.
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