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Gun Control is a law that determines whether ordinary people can own a gun or not. A restriction is required to make sure guns are owned by people who intend to use them only in need of self-defense and not for any crimes. Recently, the gun control law was passed on a federal level making it harder for criminals to own guns. The United States passed this law because of many terrible shootings that happened all around our country. Guns should only be sold to law enforcement and no one else. Every single day we hear about more shootings about people getting killed and the number of gun crimes has reached levels not seen since the 1960’s and also the number of guns owned in the US has skyrocketed. If we didn't have guns except for law enforcement, these numbers would go down a lot and many loved ones would be safe. In 2010, there were nearly 11,078 murders in the United States and this shows that if no guns were allowed, gun crimes would go down. Gun crimes would also go down because of accidental shootings. If ordinary people had guns, kids or babies can get ahold of these guns or kids who commit suicide wouldn't shoot themselves. A couple years ago, a 3 year old boy found his dad’s gun and accidentally shot himself. 259 accidental gun deaths of kids under 15 has happened in the past 3 years. If people didn't have gun laying around in the house, less kids would get hurt. Although, people might have guns laying around the house for self defense. People own guns for self