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There has been a discussion about the right to carry a concealed weapon on Texas campuses. For one to carry a concealed weapon with them the law that one must have a permit, which in this case it can be similar to, that issued for gun license or it can be of a different nature requires it. Concealed weapons are weapons, especially handguns, which are kept hidden on one's person, or under one's control. (US LEGAL) Without a permit, it is considered a violation of the laws and one can be charged on the count of possession of firearm without permit. Although there are no federal laws set to govern and oversee the issuance of concealed carry permit to the citizens, in the United States 48 states have adopted regulations that allows the citizens to carry certain concealed weapons in public including colleges and universities either with or without a permit from the state or local law enforcement (Howard). College campuses, though typically safe, do play host to every type of violent crime found in the rest of society. Recent high-profile shootings and armed abductions on college campuses clearly demonstrate that 'gun free zones' serve to disarm only those law-abiding citizens who might otherwise be able to protect themselves. (Concealed Carry) The right to carry on campus has been passed for more than half the country; only 21 states don’t allow carrying on campus. The topic is a social controversy because there are many arguments being said as well as bills passed. One major controversy is after all the recent school shootings like Virginia Tech, Newtown, and even a Texas school Lone Star college, states is considering legislation about whether or not to permit guns on college campuses. For some, these events point to a need to ease existing firearm regulations and allow concealed weapons on campuses. Others see the solution in tightening restrictions to keep guns off campuses. This idea of allowing carrying on campus affects the great social problem of gun violence as well as death.
One group the SCC’s or students carry concealced sole objective is to ensure that trained, licensed adults (age 21 or above in Texas and most other states) are allowed the same measure of personal protection on college campuses as in other open, unsecured environments (e.g., movie theaters, churches, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, the Texas Capitol). (Texas Concealed). College campuses are open environments populated with adults. People come and go freely, and the adults there (including students, faculty, staff, and administrators) are legally responsible only for their own safety. “Allowing licensed concealed carry would give potential attackers pause and ultimately give innocent victims a fighting chance,” said David Burnett, spokesman for Students for Concealed Carry. Even though administrators are responsible for overall campus security, in the same way that a business owner is responsible for the security of his or her business, but they aren’t responsible for the safety of individuals on the campus.
Brian Birdwell, Republican-Granbury a state senator Thursday filed a bill that would allow Texans with concealed handgun licenses to carry their firearms on college campuses. Birdwell says, “It’s about trusting citizens with their God-given, constitutional rights. This is a piece of legislation I have consistently heard about from the citizens I was elected to serve, and I look forward to seeing it enacted.” ( Rangel) Another group that supports the controversy is The Texas State Rifle Association who immediately gave its seal of approval to the bill. More than a dozen state senators have signed on to Senate Bill 182, also known as the Campus Personal Protection Act. ( Reed)
The side opposing the issue concurs that if students and facility are allowed to carry on campus that would cause more gun violence, suicide and overall death. Those against concealed carry on campus believe that CHL holders can- not be trusted and