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Gun control is a delicate and controversial subject that Americans have been arguing about for years. Gun control is a potential law that is aimed at diversifying the Second Amendment. It would restrict and prohibit private citizens in the United States to own and use certain firearms. The issue of gun control varies differently from country to country. For example, the United Kingdom has implemented much stricter gun control laws than what the United States has currently. Massacres on two separate occasions in United Kingdom are as follows; sixteen adults were killed by an assault weapon which led to the 1988 firearms amendment which banned assault style guns and the 1996 massacre of 16 school children brought a ban to hand guns in the U.K. Gun violence in the U.K. has dropped dramatically since the institution of these bans ( Although Britain does not have the gun culture of America we could take lessons from the drop in gun deaths. The constitution declares that we all have a right to bear arms, but the ever expanding violence in our country is begging for officials to change and enforce the gun control laws for the safety of ourselves and others. There has been a major increase within American society to promote stricter gun control. With the life changing tragedies that occurred in Colorado, Utah, and most recently in Newtown, Connecticut, the demand for a more regulated gun control is at an all time high. If our government makes it tougher to purchase assault style weapons, the probability of massacres would be decreased. Less guns on the street means less violence. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 10% of children and adolescents suffer from a serious mental illness ( First and foremost, mental health background checks must be made mandatory for all potential gun users looking to purchase a firearm. Potential gun purchasers should be required to agree to a criminal and mental health background check. Once the buyer’s background is approved and cleared only then should the purchase occur. As I stated in our debate, guns always seem to get in the wrong persons hands, and some its not the gun, but the people permitted to use them ( pargraph 3). When it comes to diagnosing adults, one in seventeen live with a mental illness, yet less than half of those who live with an illness are receiving treatment. Secondly, extensive background checks of the individual purchasing the gun should also be mandatory. Next and very important, all gun shows must be required to perform the same background checks as federally licensed sellers, and must maintain records on who they are selling their guns to. Right now, 40% of all gun purchases in the U.S. involve no background check (; paragraph 2). I believe the general public would agree with me that training hours on how to properly use and store a gun would be required for the gun that is purchased and these hours would be recorded by the state that the gun is registered in. By law in the United States, licenses and training hours are required to drive a car, so in turn, why are the officials not requiring licenses and training for the purchase of a firearm? Lastly, my strongest point being all military style and assault rifles should under no circumstances be sold to the general public and kept solely for military use only. An assault rifle is defined as a “selective fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine”. As Jillian stated in her opening statement in the debate, high velocity assault rifles are not used when hunting animals or at a shooting range, so why is there a need for the general public to own them? An individual can easily protect themselves with a simple handgun. This is why I am strongly against the ownership of assault rifles. The team against gun control expressed their argument and concern in their opening statement that Second Amendment