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Crime and guns. The two seem to go hand in hand with one another. But are the two really associated? Do guns necessarily lead to crime? And if so do laws placing restrictions on firearm ownership and use stop the crime or protect the citizens? For this reason, I stand firmly against the resolved that private ownership of handguns should be banned in the usa.
gun control: laws that control how guns are sold and used and who can own them
Hand gun: a small gun (such as a revolver or a pistol) designed to be held and shot with one hand

My first contention is that as americans we have an unalienable right to bear arms. As Brain wilson states “Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right of law-abiding citizens to "keep and bear arms”. This shows that it is a constitutional right to privately own handguns.
My next contention is that even though lawbreakers would not have handguns that will not stop the criminals from committing crimes. According to Matthew lee “The NRA is against most gun control legislation. Among its positions are the claims that the Second Amendment protects the rights of individuals to bear arms, that stricter gun control laws have done nothing to prevent gun violence”. To point out just because we take gun away does not mean we take crime away, there will still be crimes committed whether the use via a handgun or other means.
My final contention is that the prosecution of violent crime is very much necessary. Alexander Stingl states “the experiences of Australia and Great Britain prove that. Instead, the government should continue prosecuting gun crimes aggressively, instilling in those who commit gun crimes a