Essay about Gun Control

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Below each possible topic are some elements of the topic you can investigate. You may find others as you conduct your research.


James Brady
Sarah Brady
Charlton Heston
Michael Moore
Ted Nugent
Larry Pratt
Jeff Snyder


League of Women Voters
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Handgun Control, Inc. (Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence)
Gun Owners of America
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
New Yorkers Against Gun Violence


“Brady Bill”
D.C. gun ban (1976)
2nd Amendment
NY’s Sullivan Act (1911)
National Firearms Act (1934)
Federal Firearms Act (1938)
Columbine High School shootings
Gun Control Act (1968) attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan
Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act (1986)
Crime Control Act (1990)
1994 Assault Weapons Ban
National Firearms Act (1934)
Federal Firearms Act (1938)
Gun Control Act (1968)
Virginia Tech shootings
University of Texas shootings
Million Mom March


gun licenses waiting periods sales at gun shows criminal background checks guns on airplanes
“concealed carry” permits laws that require guns to be stored out of the reach of children armor-piercing ammunition (so-called “cop killer” bullets) trigger locks
Bowling for Columbine
“Saturday night specials” gun ranges gun safety education

As you research, consider these questions:

• What has been the role of assassinations and assassination attempts in encouraging gun-control laws? What has been the role of school shootings? • What limits, if any, are reasonable on individual gun ownership and use? • What seems to be the most reasonable interpretation of the Second Amendment? • How do gun-ownership advocates influence national politics? • Is hunting an appropriate family hobby? Should children be taught to shoot guns, and if so, at what age? • How serious an issue are crimes committed with guns? Would additional gun restrictions be effective? • How often are guns used for home defense? Are they effective for this purpose? • How serious is the problem of accidental shootings? • Who, if anyone, should be allowed to carry concealed weapons? • Is there merit to gun advocates’ claim that individual gun ownership prevents tyranny? • How do both sides of this issue use statistics to support their claims? • What do opinion polls show about Americans’ attitudes toward gun control? Is there a significant difference between the opinions of Republicans and Democrats?

Reform Movement Project (Revised)

Your goal in this project is to document a major American reform movement, using a variety of media and both primary and secondary sources. Submit a properly formatted bibliography. The components of the project are described below. Pick any three components. Each will be worth one third of your