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THEA 1313 Introduction To Theatre
Othello Review

Tragedy of Othello

Othello being a great fine arts performance by Utep did an excellent job. The Thrust Stage was perfect fit for this evening performance. The entire stage was assembled to the setting of Othello. Every scene was entitled to the stage and not many movements and changes were made,but yet everything was still great. Othello is a great play that i recommend to adults and young adults. It focuses on such things that happen now a days. The play has great themes that change through scenes and keeps the play going and interesting. Othello also has a great symbol that is the main plot and sequence of the story( The Handkerchief). Othello is a very enthusiastic play that catches the audience eyes. Not so much at the beginning, but towards the middle when you know what is going on. Othello is an amazing play, all characters each played their role and really got into character from personality to attitude. Othello is not a comedy, but I found it some what funny. Everyone keeps saying Iago is a trustworthy and nice person, when he is the one stirring up all the mess. I also find it funny How Roderigo is in love with Desdemona, yet Desdemona doesn't even know he exists. There is some scenes that are funny, but also intense.

The director Chuck Gorden produced a very well play, contributed many ideas and kept the originality of Shakespeare. It was very important that the Director kept Shakespeare's form of the play.All characters did an amazing job on my perspective, they all did what had to be done. The entire cast made the play feel amazing and had me glued to the performance. It felt real and I knew exactly what was going on. The costumes were also amazing they were simple but went with the theme of the story. The Army uniforms, all characters as in Othello, Iago, Cassio, Montano wore the uniform proper and went as if they were in the army. Desdemona the character was admiring to watch on how she had all guys drawn to her. The scenes they use were also interesting, like for example at the beginning when they had the computer screens out as if they were using them was neat. Also the seen were they were all drinking and they had the big cart in the background that looked like a train, with the music was also very imaginative. Most scenes in general there wasn't many changes on stage because the stage was small, but from what they had to work with it was amazing. The actors also coming from he sides underneath the audience was a good way to start seeing the expressions. The lighting of spotlights, and mood changes was also great. The scenes vary from emotions to feelings.

Othello is