Gun Control Essay

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Bayleigh Jones
ELA 8-1
January 18, 2013

Guns, A Constitutional Right

A big issue in our society right now is if citizens should have the right to own guns. I believe we should have the right to own them. They are useful in so many ways and they even save peoples' lives in certain circumstances.
Many people like to hunt as a sport and for food, so being able to use a gun is more efficient than a bow and arrow or traps. Guns are also a necessity for those who make a living off of selling their animal meat and pelts. For example, if you make your living being a hunter, guns are the most logical option to use. This is because you can aim accurately at objects close and far away where as traps may take days to catch something, and a bow and arrow is less accurate and cannot go as fast or as far as a bullet.
Crime happens everywhere and at any given moment. For some, like woman or weaker individuals, guns may be their only protection against crimes such as robbery. Another huge problem which warrants citizens owning guns is the ranchers living down south by the Mexican border. They are constantly living in fear due to Mexican traffickers smuggling over things such as drugs or other people. Veterinarian and rancher, Mike Vickers says that the ranchers are threatened by the traffickers saying that if the ranchers call the Border Patrol or law enforcement, they will kill them or their family.
The Founding Fathers made the Second Amendment for a reason, therefore we should keep our right. Senator Larry Craig states in a speech before Congress, “We know that our Founding Fathers in their effort to ratify the Constitution could not convince the citizens to accept it until the Bill of Rights was established to assure the citizenry that we were protecting the citizens from the government instead of government from the citizens.”