Gun Control Essay

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Patricia Boschetti
Florida International University
Criminal Justice and Public Policy
April 3, 2013

The most controversial and debatable Crime Control Policy is the Gun Control Policy. The Gun Control Policy has dominated in the headlines in every media in our nation, due to the recent horrific shootings in Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, and the Aurora Century Movie Theater shooting, in Colorado. History repeats itself all over again, a history that involves shooting from derange person towards innocent human been. In 1966, Charles Whitman killed 16 people including his mother and his wife, and 14 random people and students from the Tower of the University of Texas. Another historical shooting was the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Following by assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy and Reverend Jackson, in 1968 the Gun Control Act was passed, banning the sale of weapons to prohibited persons. If we analyzed and review the Crime Control Policy of the Gun Control Act, we will recognize that is lacking of efficiency and effectiveness, because we fall in the same horrific cycle of tragedy. Although the federal government has strict laws set in place that includes extensive background requirements and severe punishments. If those requirements are overstep or disregards, weapons obtain illegally by a criminal, or legal disturb person, those strict laws are obsolete. The laws and punishments will not stop a criminal or derange person to break the laws. Although the Gun Control policy is very specific we will review and analyzed the definition, the second amendment, and the political and sociological consequences of this policy. First, the Gun Control Policy is to control the sale and usage of rifles and firearms to prohibited persons. Nevertheless, the Gun Control Policy was not only to regulate, but also to generate a database of observations and reviews regarding the enormous diversity of firearms control policies and regulations that influence the states in the union and the United States as a whole. Definitely, the Gun Control Policy examines the success, an intention, and the realistically ratio of contentious gun control laws, many of which divides our country with disparate philosophical, political, sociopolitical and ethical opinions, facts and points of view. The effectiveness of this policy has proven to be a challenge due to all the different elements of shootings that had happened through history. Now weapons are commonly categorized as five types: 1. Semi-automatic is a weapon in which a shell is expelled and the following round of ammo is loaded automatically from a clip. This kind of weapon is categorized as revolvers, firearms and riffles. 2. Fully Automatic gun is the type of firearm that when the trigger is held down, will shoot speedily, swiftly and incessantly nonstop. In contrast of the Semi-automatic firearm that the trigger must be pulled every time the weapon is fired. 3. Shotguns are weapons that must be use or setting it from the shoulder in order to create stability of the weapon that utilizes the power of the explosive of the shotgun shell across the smoothbore. This weapon can be a single or double barrels with single projectiles with one pulled. 4. Riffles are weapons operated in the same manner as the shotguns, that only difference is the metallic cartridge employed by a riffle. 5. Revolver or handgun a firearm intended to fire little bullet from a rotating chamber, this chamber can clutch up to nine bullets. The meaning of revolvers is because they have a revolved chamber and they can be held by one hand. There has been a current method for altering gun designs due to all the various accidental shootings. Some of the examples will be attained if the manufacturers agreed to alter the design of the weapon. Some of the alterations incorporate trigger locks mechanisms, the amount of