Essay on Gun Control

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September 16th, 2013. Everywhere you looked and everything you heard was about a shooting that took place at the Washington Navy Yard. Newspapers, magazines, social network feeds, and every form of media was flooded with the same headline, “13 people dead after gunman opens fire in Washington Navy Yard.” This occurrence is now just another one of the many that have been taking place recently. Just last year alone, 7 shootings occurred. These incidents are going to keep coming unless we do something about them. So what's the answer to putting an end to these malicious happenings? We need as many laws as possible to prevent firearms from being sold. The total amount of guns used in mass shootings from 1982 to this Monday add up to 143. Evidence shows that 3/4’s of these guns were obtained legally. Further statistics shows that out of the 143 guns, 71 were semi-automatic handguns, 28 were rifles, 23 were revolvers, and 21 were shotguns. There are hundreds of millions of guns floating around the U.S. and some of them are bound to end up in the wrong hands. Decreasing the sales of guns would bring down that number which means lives are going to be saved. When it comes to opposition against gun control, many arguments are brought up. The most common argument is the whole “only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” thing. Fun fact, since 1982, out of the 62 shootings, there has only been 1 successful intervention by an armed civilian.
In my opinion, the 2nd amendment is extremely outdated. Something you have to note is that back in 1791, militias were being formed since they did not trust the big government system. The possibility of invasion was frighteningly real, and the 2nd amendment was put in place