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Keli Reyes
Gun Control Essay: Guns are all over the world being used in any way possible. Hearing news about people getting shot in random places or kids that are living an amazing life accidently shooting themselves while with friends, or by committing suicide. All these news on television or in the newspapers are getting more and more likely to be about shootings in the United States. Guns are very powerful weapons and I believe should only be used by the people who are trying to protect the world and trying to make it a better place to live in. These people can be known as police officers, marine troops, army troops, navy troops etc. The negative outcome to making the gun laws more strictly is that it can lead to higher murders and more dangerous. It is stated that nations with strict gun control laws have substantially higher murder rates than those who have not that many laws on gun control. Although there are some consequences to making the gun control laws stricter, I still do believe that guns should be only used by people who need it for their job of protecting the world and making it a better place. In the United States today guns are being used all over the world. In the United States, there is about 40-45 percent households with guns, 30-34 percent adults owning a gun, and there are about 17-19 percent adults owning a handgun. 67 percent of the United States have used their guns for protection against crime, 66 percent have used their guns for target shooting, and 58 percent have used their guns for hunting. With all these stats of people owning guns, about 16,272 murders were committed in the United States during 2008. At the current homicide rate, roughly one in every 240 Americans will be murdered. Having a gun in the house can lead into the risk of homicide, suicide, and unintentional suicide. The United States has very weak federal gun laws which make it easier for dangerous people to get their hands on guns. The presence of these guns in our country can make it easier for people to attempt kilings.
People that are not well educated, mental, or are falling into depression can use the gun as murder or suicide. In the year of 2008, a very dear friend of mine almost took his life for feeling lost in the world. It was his freshmen year and this young boy felt trapped in a box by himself, feeling lonely. He didn’t think that anyone would care to see him go. His dad is a very big hunter so he has a closet filled with guns and hunting material. This young boy came to a conclusion that he would take his dads hunting gun and pull the trigger in which taking his life. Holding that gun to his head ready to pull the trigger something stopped him. He felt a rush of his mom holding him, crying. She had stopped him from pulling the trigger. This boy had gotten the care that was necessary for him and is now living the life he had always dreamed of filled with happy moments, friends, and family. Guns should not be kept in the house where a child is capable of getting a hold of. In fact, there should not be any guns held in any households due to this prior example. That one pull of the trigger can kill people that have such an amazing future ahead of them, the killing of someone can hurt the family and friends that care about them. Guns are not only used for committing suicide, but it is also used for harming others. On December 14th, 2012, a 20 year old