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Gun Control
Some people may not be for gun control, but I am. Please do not get me wrong I do believe in the second amendment, “right to bear arms”. But it should be regulated and monitored. Gun control will decrease crime. If gun control is regulated, then we may have less murders, and less robberies. Having easy access to firearms makes murders easy, efficient, and impersonal, which will and can increase the lethality of crime. If everyone have easy access to firearms, it is robbing other’s of their freedom of fear.
Allowing people that have never been trained in firing a weapon to carry a firearm puts other’s at risk as well as themselves at risk from self-inflicting wounds by suicide or unintentional incidents. Gun violence in America is very serious and must be addressed immdetaily. More than 30,000 Americans are killd and about 70,000 account for injuries. Firearms can be misused even by trained adults. I believe if the government regulated gun control, it would lead to the decrease of violent crimes. Now, in the great state of Alabama you can be eighteen years old and have a firearm, although you still can not buy cigarettes and ahlocol beverages but you can carry a firearm. I truly do not agree with this. Between the ages of eighteen and twenty five is the age rank of the people that are committing these crimes. I can not understand how could the government allow something like this to happen. Also, here Alabama you can carry a concealed weapon. You can carry your firearm where ever you might be and nobody can do anything about it. My problem is if I am out in the walmart shopping and a guy tries to robbed me what should I do? Pull my pistol out or wait for him to show his.
In order to obtain a firearm the legal way, you go by the county’s court house and apply for a pistol permit.