Gun Control

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Katie Zurita Solis
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Research Paper
18 December 2014
Gun Control
The United States of America has laws in place for ownership and control of weapons such as guns. The Constitutions under The Second Amendment gives U.S citizens the right to own and bear arms. Unfortunately, throughout the past decade the
United States has seen events in where its citizens have abused their right to bear arms.
Ownerships of weapons in America resulted in massive shootings in schools and malls.The second amendment has created an ordeal of problems today in America; it seen as a controversial topic in today's political issues. Many politicians argue whether this right should be tightly controlled and regulated by laws or not. Guns have been a part of America’s society since the birth of this country. Guns have composed a significant part of American history. For example, they have been used to protect families, hunt for food, and most importantly to protect the nation. Gun control has always been a complex issue and its a topic that needs to be examined and talked about by media and politicians. After such tragic events throughout the past, citizens can and will not longer return to its previous state of mind. Americans no longer feel safe in a

country in where such tragic events can occur at any moment in time.There should be more restrictions on guns; there is an inadequate amount of laws control ownership of guns, and the movie Bowling for Columbine is a great example of that.
Lately, guns have made an impact on today's societies in where they have had a presence. For example, the have been headlines of news reports and online.From the shooting in Sandy Hook, a year ago to the issue in Ferguson happening today; Americans are being reminded every day of why not everyone should have the right to own a gun.
Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore, is a movie that demonstrates some of the issues with gun control. Michael Moore tries to seek out the reason for the bloodshed that firearms are creating in our country. Throughout his journey, he discovers how easily accessible firearms are! Firearms, a deathly object, at hands reach of anyone in any moment. He proceeds further to examine different aspects of America's culture to try and find an answer to the on growing violence with our nation's widespread of gun ownership.
During the movie there was a part where Moore went to Canada and spoke a Canadian on the street they said, “ If more guns make people safer, than America would be one of the safest countries in the world. It isn’t. It’s the opposite.” (Moore, Bowling) This person made a very good point how does more firearms mean a safer country if America has the highest number of firearm­related deaths. According to a study done by two New York cardiologists, they found that out of 100 Americas 88.8 people have firearms, and there have been 10.2 out of a 100,000 deaths.(Lupkin, U.S. has more guns) With that being said,

guns are not keeping America safe, in fact, it is making people more scared. People are even starting to become afraid of the police; the people that are supposed to protect and serve. Misuse of firearms has been going on for centuries it has bad an even bigger

comeback in our world today. Last year there was an elementary school shooting in
Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty­year­old Adam Lanza fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members. However, before he went to Sandy Hook Elementary, he went to his mother's home and killed her. This tragic event was the biggest mass shooting in an elementary school in the United States history. In an article written by The Nation it is stated that “ since Sandy Hook, almost 3,000 people have died of gun violence in
America.” ( The Nation 4) The death of so many people has occurred within the span of a year. Why is it that guns are not keeping us safe if that is what they are being bought for?