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The hot topic of today society is guns and how they affect crime rates. Some of the questions that arise with this is what the safest course of action should be taken. How will this affect crimes in America and finally what are the positive and negatives if we restrict or loosen gun control measure? In my report I will demonstrate that gun control is directly related to violent crimes in America and how they will have a positive outcome if we as Americans decide to loosen the gun control laws.
Studies have shown that states with open carry law/ concealed carry permits have a lower gun related deaths then states with stricter gun laws. If every state loosens the c.c.w. permit laws it will not lower the crime rate but it will also deter many more individuals from attempting to perform these acts. .”In1988, Lester (1988: 18) published an empirical study which he concludes, “Gun ownership, rather than strictness of gun control, was found to be the strongest correlate of the rates of suicide and homicide by guns.” Which to me says that make stricter gun control will not help Americans out with crime rates due to the fact that guns can still and will be bought on the black-market or illegally. Now if you look at the states of America and what there gun control laws state statistically speaking the states with fewer gun laws or more relaxed gun laws have lower crime rates. There was a study done by “Seitz (1972: 597) displays the data on a scatter diagram with firearm homicides measured on the vertical axis and total homicides on the horizontal axis. He concludes, from the correlation, that a reduction in the prevalence of guns would reduce the number of homicides.” Moorhouse, J., & Wanner, B. (2006). CATO Journal, 23-23. Now with everything in the world there is always a positive and a negative that follows you. Another study showed that cities with stricter gun laws will still have a lower suicide rate then the states with less stricter laws. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand my paper so I would like to clear this part up, I’m not saying we just let anyone have a gun and let them run free like the Wild West just implement the rules that are already there. The system that the federal government uses is a great start but it also has parts of it that can be loosened or dropped. One of the regulation is the time period on buying a hand gun. The reason this came about was due to people in