Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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Introduction. Throughout the years, gun control has been the subject of countless debates across the country. One of the main arguments in these debates usually brings up the question of if restrictions on gun carrying and ownership truly help to lower murder and crime rates. The answer to this question has been found at an overwhelming no, and is in fact, has quite the opposite effect: states that have fewer to no laws against open carry, in turn, have lower crime rates.
Open Carry Laws. “The thousands of gun-control laws in the United States are of two general types. The older kind sought to regulate how, where, and by whom firearms could be carried. More recent laws have sought to make it more costly to buy, sell, or use firearms... by
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Of course, one of the big contributors to homicides is gang activity, and it is not surprising that Chicago has a lot of gang activity because the city has many segregated neighborhoods. For example, “In Chicago, 12 percent of the black population is in a census block group that is 100 percent black. Racially segregated minority neighborhoods have a long history of multiple adversities, such as poverty, joblessness, environmental toxins and inadequate housing, Professor Sampson said. ‘The major underlying causes of crime are similar across cities, but the intensity of the connection between social ills and violence seems to be more persistent in Chicago,’ Professor Sampson said. ‘You don’t get that kind of extensive social and economic segregation in many other cities.’” (Fessenden). All of this goes to show you that even though Chicago has some special circumstances, the point is still that restricting gun control does nothing to keep weapons from the people who abuse them.
School Shootings. Between 2013 and 2015, about 154 school shootings had occurred in the U.S., and 14 of which were in Texas. Throughout these shootings, about 84 people died, and that is just a small fraction compared to the average of over 30 thousand killed from gun violence each year (“Washington”). However, a recent observational study has shown that there may be something that can be done to slow this rate down, and although it may not solve all of the gun issues, it can help to lower the rate of school