Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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Gun Control is a very controversial topic, will it take away rights ensured by our Founders? Or, will it benefit America? While both sides have their reasons and information to back it up, the evidence for Gun Control is overwhelming. In America's recent years there have been many shootings, way past the line of too many. There is also evidence to prove that states with tighter gun laws have fewer gun deaths. And finally, there is proof that gun laws have been in America's past, whether or not anyone wants to believe it. Guns are a common enemy that can be stopped if we join together to do what is needed at the moment, Gun Control.
To begin, gun violence is becoming more and more common. They are being used to take life away from its rightful owners and causing great pain to the victims and their families. states that in 2017, there have been 345 mass shootings. In the 365 days that 2017 holds, there has been almost the same number of days as shootings, that’s almost one per day! And what’s worse, is what adds, “27 people were killed by guns in America on Christmas Day 2015, which is equal to the total number of people killed in gun homicides in an entire year in Austria, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia, Bermuda, Hong Kong, and Iceland combined.” One day in the US had the same number of
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We have proof about gun laws within our grasp, isn’t that enough motivation to pass some? According to The Washington Post, states with tighter gun laws have fewer deaths related to guns. This is proof, real evidence, that Gun Control helps with gun violence. While it might not work everywhere, isn’t it worth a shot? People always search for proof and this is it, proof we can solve or at least reduce the number deaths from guns, proof that America doesn’t have to be a battlefield, proof that our gun problem can get better, and doesn’t everyone want