Gun Control Debate Summary

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Over the course of many years, gun-control has been a major issue in the United States. This topic continues to be a major issue even today because no absolute solutions have been discovered nor implemented. “Mass Shootings Haven’t Changed the Gun-Control Debate” by Michael Luo is an article about gun-control laws being proposed every time there is a mass shooting, which is supposed to help keep guns off the street via background checks and blacklisting, which is then rejected by politicians in D.C. This article comes from the author’s personal experiences with investigations in gun laws and writing reports on mass shootings. The goal of the author, for the readers to understand, is to show how the topic of gun-control reflects a negative attitude towards politics and politicians, which the author does so effectively. One of the reasons the author is effective is by using evidence from a major past event to support his claim. Politicians in the Senate continues to deny the ability to fully implement stricter protocol on gun purchase. After the events of Sandy Hook elementary school mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, according to “Mass Shootings Haven’t Changed the Gun-Control Debate”, on April, 2013, Senators Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey worked on a gun-control compromise to expand …show more content…
For example, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit voided a decision by a lower court to ban concealed-carry weapons. “What’s Really Standing in the Way of Gun Control” also stated the problem of gun control lies with political will, not constitutional law. Both articles tell the reader the Senate, especially the Republicans and some Democrats, continues to deny Obama’s work on gun control and proposal about gun restriction by some Democrats, which supports the problem being political will—the overall