Gun Control Laws Pros And Cons

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Gun control laws have been debated for ages ever since the early 1600's. Over time the debate over guns has changed significantly. In the beginning stages of the debate, it was debated that only white men should have guns. Later on, it also allowed white women to own guns for self-protection. The first stages of the law were used to ensure that white men would stay in control. To ensure that white men had supremacy they made it illegal to trade or sell guns to the natives. Later on, as time passed, the Second Amendment was ratified on Dec. 15, 1791, and added to the US Constitution. Later on banning indentured servants from owning guns. It also banned certain professions from having a gun (doctors, schoolmasters, lawyers, and millers). In 1792 federal law required …show more content…
It was also the guns owners responsibility to have their guns inspected frequently and also began the enforcement of gun registry for public records. In present day society, anyone 21 and over can have a license to carry permit and purchase a gun in Texas as long as the person does not have any felony convictions or history of criminal activity. In some cases, mental diagnosis is used to determine if the person is mentally capable of owning a gun.
Gun control from a liberal standpoint. Is based on the Second Amendment(The Right To Bear Arms). Liberals believe that it only allows the state and local government to carry weapons. Liberals believe that there should not be any guns available to the public as it could lead to more gun-related crimes. That only the state should be allowed to keep a militia in order to protect people. According to liberal ideology, only the federal and local government's should keep the safety of the people, not the public. People should not take matters into their own hands as it leads to uncontrolled situations. They also believe that more gun regulations need to be enforced in order to stop gun violence and limit the ability