Gun Control Persuasive Essay

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For many ages, the issue of gun control has been a rising issue seen 1900s. Nowadays, guns are able to harm the innocent humans. This firing incidents occur in places such as in the malls, schools, and neighborhood. Americans recently witnessed a mass shooting in Florida high school with took the lives of innocent students and teacher. As humans, we have a duty to fill and it is to make this nation safe. Many students now fear weather to go to a public school or be homeschooled. No student should fear going to school.American at this point feels is very unsafe of our community, family, and friends with the issue of gun control. Americans keep losing a spouse, brother, sister, friend, neighbors, and teacher. We must end mass shooting happening in the community right now. …show more content…
I believe gun control is an issue that affects our country the greatest. Just last week, the mass shooting that occurred in Florida with took the lives of 19 innocent young soles is just heartbreak. 31 percent of mass shootings occur solely in the United States. The United States needs to become stricter and better gun laws in regards to the access to the guns. The talk of Gun Control has been going on for decades. The government should need to be able to handle this matter in power way and provide a clean act to provide safety for its citizens.

To began, with having gun control can lead to so many great advantages and save more lives than one can think. Firstly, it can lead to having a harder access to guns with will lead to less violent crimes occurring in the nation. Secondly, it will reduce the number of suicide rates. Thirdly, gun control laws will reduce the numbers of homicide rate. Lastly, having gun control will make it less likely gun falls into the wrong hand. This are all the amazing benefits for gun control with can help save thousands of people every