Gun Control Persuasive Essay

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Overview The topic of gun control is a very controversial topic that is very important to my family. My family loves guns and they are a very large part of my family's lives. We very much support the second amendment; it is one of our favorite amendments. I get my political views mostly from my dad, and he is very adamant about his views. We are a pretty well-advised family that knows what we are talking about. This topic is a matter of safety that should be important to everybody. There is a lot of history on this subject, and it is very important. The first Act put in place was originally enacted in 1934. (Alstyne 1). It imposed a tax on making a transfer of firearms. It started adding regulation. Every firearm had to be registered by the National Firearms Act. They made restrictions on guns stricter to pass. All weapon barrels had to be shorter then 18 inches. Then in 1965 NFA merged and the merger consisted of about 1,004 chapters in 12 states and added about 50,000 members. Then back in 1934 the NFA created the a $200 tax on the manufacture or sale of sawed-off shotguns and machine guns. All the sales from that point on where recorded in a national registry. …show more content…
It seems like they think the guns commit the crimes, and not the criminals. Gun control is bad for a plethora of reasons, but safety is number one. Guns can be dangerous, but that is why people teach safety. People need to learn safety when they are young and before they start messing around with guns. It is easy to learn how to be safe with guns, with a hunters safety course and some good words from some smart people. The liberals who want tighter regulations want more laws and rules (Wayne R. LaPierre 16). Liberals cannot let us have any guns, yet they can be surrounded by security guard. It is just idiotic to me how they can use all the guns; they are hypocrites. Gun control is an awful idea, not to mention there is an amendment against