Gun Control Persuasive Speech

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Hello all, today I will be firing off some facts about guns. “About 200 Americans go to emergency rooms every day with gunshot wounds” (Gun Control). Yeah, that’s a lot of people. After reading any news outlet’s top story, it is easy to put your email on a “” petition advocating for stricter gun laws, grieve with the nation, and move on. But what are you giving up when you sign up for this petition? A clean inbox in the morning? The storage on your phone from the 500 emails they sent you last night? Or something greater: your guaranteed freedoms and rights? The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms to all Americans, so why are people so eager to give this up? We live in a country built on the rights to defend yourself. …show more content…
Guns are one way citizens feel and are safer. One survey concluded that “79% of male gun owners and 80% of female gun owners said owning a gun made them feel safer;” thus, taking away the guns of citizens can make them feel or in some cases be unsafe (Gun Control). Proof of this is found in a local story about a couple of Bridgeport men on a walk, targeted by two robbers, one who was armed with a pistol. One of the victims had a Concealed Carry Warrant (CCW) and was able to defend himself and his friends during the attack (Mackie). These men would have lost their wallets or lives but were unscathed due to the availability of legal weapons. On the other hand is Suzanne Kupp whose family was murdered when a man with semiautomatic pistols walked in and shot 22 people. To follow the laws against concealed carry, she had left her own handgun in the car before entering the cafeteria, leaving her parents and her defenseless (Kopel). Because the criminal had no regard for the laws, she will forever bear the negative consequences of laws against concealed carry. It is incidents like this that show how important having gun laws that allow people to protect themselves is. Not only are gun laws that take guns away from citizens unconstitutional, but they unlock Pandora's box of crimes and unsafe situations for innocent