Gun Control Research Paper

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Gun control is one of the most talked about topics in America. Since the second of amendment was passed in 1791, gun control has been highly controversial. Cases against laws restricting guns were typically rejected until 2008. In the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court ruled that federal law could not restrict an individual from owning a handgun under the second amendment. Two years later, during 2010, in McDonald v. Chicago, the court ruled again in favor of the individual that state laws couldn’t restrict gun ownership because the second amendment’s protection applies to the states under the fourteenth amendment. Activists for gun control claim that if guns were to be more heavily restricted the murder and other crime rates would go down. After a playground shooting in 1989, a ban on the sale of ak47s was imposed in California as well as six other states. Later in 1994, under bill Clinton, a bill was passed that banned 19 specific guns and 200 other various guns deemed assault weapons. Gun activists claim that according to the second amendment, the government can’t restrict the sale and ownership of firearms in any form. As well as that American’s need to own and know how to operate guns so that the population can remain military ready. Activists also argue that if the entire population is carrying a gun at all times, it would reduce the crime rate by preventing crime by means of intimidation.

In my opinion, guns should be readily available to the public, but with restrictions on who can buy the guns and ammunition. Under the second amendment, American’s have the right to own a firearm and that shouldn’t be taken away, only restricted to prevent crimes from being committed with those guns. Some argue person who was going to commit murder with a firearm would not likely be slowed