Gun Control Speech

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Gun control has once again become a controversial and popular topic after 19 year old Nicholas Cruz used a AR-15 assault weapon to kill 17 people at the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. People are wondering how this weapon got into his hands and kids that attended the school are outraged that nothing was done to prevent it. Although children around the U.S. are fighting back to congress about changing gun laws, the government is doing the absolute minimum to help this issue, as they are being funded by the national rifle association(NRA).The students of Parkland, Florida are making the government realize they should work on strengthening gun laws and increasing gun control rather than focusing their attention on money. I believe that the …show more content…
One brave student who experienced the shooting, Noah Parness, “ suddenly heard popping sounds...we saw a bunch of teachers running… we all broke into a sprint”(1). I cannot imagine what I would feel or do if I were in a situation like this one. Stories like Noah’s catch the attention of the audience and cause them to feel sympathy for these students, just like I did. These stories make people realize that something has to be done about this issue; no child should have to withstand something like this. This one of the ways children from Douglas High effected gun control because their stories helped people understand and support the students’ protest. Stories are not the only things that are being shared, students are expressing their opinions as well. Young people, no older than the age of eighteen, are having strong opinions against guns because they believe it’s their responsibility to take action since it’s their future being discussed. Their strong opinions were soon heard by the entire country which is why “ many believe that the students from Douglas High are making the difference in the national conversation” (9). These children are sparking a movement through their various speeches about gun control and I feel the government will soon realize their mistake. This is why I believe that the student’s experience at the Parkland shooting had a big effect on the issue of