Gun Debate: Where Is The Middle Ground Summary

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Article Analysis of “Gun Debate: Where Is The Middle Ground?”

There are two sides to the gun debate. On one side you have your gun enthusiasts, who are ardent about guns and refuse to let them be taken away. The other side in this controversy are those who believe in more restriction to gun laws or that they shouldn’t be available to the public at all. The second amendment allows the usage of guns but many people have voiced their opinion that it is too vague and lax. Several believe this to be the reason of recurring gun violence and mass shootings in the United States. Mallory Simon, the author of “Gun Debate: Where is the Middle Ground” analyzes viewpoints of both parties.

Mallory Simon is a well established author who produces online
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To exercise her claim, Simon quotes many people on both sides of the debate and states that they find some small middle ground to begin compromising. Ex President of the NRA, Sandra Froman says, “We don't want people who are insane to have guns, we don't want terrorist to have guns” (Simon 47). Many people such as Charles Ramsey, go as far as to say discard the price tag because he’ll do whatever it takes to stem the violence.

The point in this essay clearly states that the Second Amendment needs to changed to cease gun violence in America. Simon provides an unbiased analysis of the debate with quotes, real life examples, and outlook from various respected members of the community. The middle ground that was found between the controversy was that the status quo of the current situation needs to change immediately. This means you can assume majority of Americans want stricter gun laws to be enforced.

This essay proves to be a very effective argument by giving quotes and various viewpoints of the Gun Debate. Although it doesn’t contain any statistics or data, Simon makes us see the emotional and factual side to the Gun