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Role Guns Play in the Country
Role Guns Play in the Country
There are many bias opinions on the role that guns have within the public. Some people believe they should be taken off the streets completely and others say we need them for our own protection. Obviously there are many reasons why people have guns. Some love the sport of hunting, clay pigeon shooting, or just target practice. Some even want guns in their homes next to their bed for protection from intruders and criminals. There is no doubt that having a gun will protect you, but where there is a way for human error, it can also cause harm. Guns like cars, knifes, hammers, etc. are all tools that have to be used by a human to make these tools do harm.
In the year 2010 guns were used to take the lives of thirty-one thousand Americans through homicides, suicides, and accidental discharge. When people look at that number they never look at how many people have had their lives saved by the use of guns through self defense or from law enforcement. According to the Gun Owners of America Association, the amount of times a gun was used in self defense each year in America was 2.5 million times by people. The media is showing only half the story when it comes to gun crimes compared to how many lives have been saved by the use of guns. If the current gun laws of the United States were better enforced and followed then there would be no need for new gun laws. Also if guns were to be taken away from the American citizens it would punish the honest law abiding citizens and put them at the mercy of criminals who obtain their guns illegally.
All the law enforcement in America has guns for their protection and the protection of others. Law enforcement should always carry a gun due to the fact of people are unpredictable. For example, there was a shooting that killed a police officer in the Draper, Utah on September 1st 2013. The police officer saw a man on the side of the road stranded and stopped to see if he needed help. At that point the man shot the police officer killing him.
Whatever the role guns play in our society, they have a purpose to help protect us by training people how to shoot and law enforcement. Whatever the role has been or will become the original purpose was for the self protection of the people of the United States. As long as there are guns and a means of getting gun, whether they are from our own gun shops or obtained illegally from bringing them from another country. Either way they will still make their way to the Americans legally or illegally. If the government were to start banning guns from the citizens, the criminals