Gun Violence Argumentative Essay

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Division between opposing groups is a constant throughout the world and the people in each group are what make the division so stark. Within every issue the groups are divided among themselves into moderate and radical sides creating more division within. One issue that has been faced in the United States of America for decades is that of gun control; few controversies have separate a country more thoroughly than gun control, it has been further split into two main issues that of constitutional rights and the issue of violence with and without guns.
The bill of rights was a legislative document set into law by our founding fathers, the second right being the right to bear arms, and this is one of the pieces in question when two sides clash
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Once again the NRA and the CSGV are the main adversaries; the CSGV believes more guns creates more violence while the NRA and its affiliates believe more guns creates less violence. Both of these ideas are supported by many different reputable advocates which is another reason this argument continues, and it seems neither side will halt their research. The anti-guns’ side commonly uses the argument that if the gun is there a person are more likely to use it and such this has become there main rallying cry, “A household gun, no matter why it was acquired, may at some point be misused by a member of the household” (Cook, Ludwig). This is one of the main points that the anti-gun side uses vigorously to express their point, that guns lead to greater instances of gun violence. This is contrasted by the pro-gun pact endorsing, “guns are used in defense against criminal predation around 100,000 times per year” (Cook, Ludwig). This once again shows how the varying views clash in the same realm with completely different views; and demonstrate that both sides have a common goal in reducing gun violence even if their ideals are