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1Guns, Germs and “Why did the Inka lose?”[1] Throughout his book Mann argues that “the Americas were immensely busier, more diverse, and more populous”[2] While Diamond examines the events at Cajamarca through the context of Eurasian advantage, Mann addresses 1532 through a much more objective lens, identifying key factors in the Incan culture that lead to a decisive, yet opportune, Spanish victory. Although the Spanish did wield powerful and advantageous tools of conquest, countless preexisting cultural dynamics determined the Incan failure, such as widespread disease and subsequent cultural/political disorganization, and internal factionalism. 2He explains that their superior military technology and usage of horses allowed them to easily overtake the multitudes of Incan soldiers who should have held the demographic advantage. (Diamond, 119) Diamonds narrow focus on the question of ‘why did the Spanish succeed?’ leaves out any room for asking what factors were affecting the Incan civilization that may have put them at the disadvantage. Martin luther: struggled mightily with a guilty conscience and an intense fear of God and hell until he realized the doctrine of "justification by faith" while studying the book of Romans, with his conviction that the Bible should be the basis of religious life and available to all, became the theological foundation of Protestantism. 95 Theses against the abuses of indulgences, Martin Luther unwittingly sparked religious and political reform in Germany and founded the Lutheran branch of Protestantism. He translated the New Testament into German and formulated catechisms in the vernacular, making a major contribution to the development of written German. History remembers Martin Luther as the "Father of the Reformation."Islam :Based on the teachings of Mohammed -The…