Guns: Firearm and Gun Essay

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Gun Classification

In the gun world we have many types of guns. We have different styles, different calibers, different actions, and different sizes. The caliber of a gun is the size of the bullet and the amount of gun powder in it. The action of the gun is how it loads a bullet into the chamber and how it ejects it. When choosing a gun you should also consider manual or semiautomatic. Many people choose different types for several different reasons. Some people may choose a certain gun or action for hunting, competing, or just for a little outdoor fun. Guns are viewed differently from the eye of any human being. Your use of the gun gives you a major outlook on it. People who hunt view guns completely different from people who use them to compete. The main types of guns we have are rifles, shotguns and pistols.These 3 groups can be classified in themselves and still broken down into many smaller groups. Each and every gun is individual and has its own unique factors. No gun is exactly like another. Each person will see something different in each gun. Some people choose distinctly by that category of rifle, shotgun, or pistol. Rifles are a long barreled gun for distance and accuracy. They usually have a heavier weight for comfort and easy shooting.Some shooters may prefer a lighter rifle for easy manuevering in their activities. Rifles are usually used for still targets. Rifles also have many different actions. The main actions of rifles are semiautomatic, bolt-action, lever-action, and single shot. Shooters choose between these when looking at relaod speed, safety, and precision. A rifle's bullet consist of one single lead shot. The bullet is categorized by the size of the lead; this is measured by caliber. Rifles are distinguished by their caliber. This tells a shooter which bullet to use for the rifle. Being able to choose a caliber for each shot helps a lot. They choose this depending on the range of the target and the shock power that is needed to get the job done. Rifles are prefered be many shooters. Some shooters may be into moving targets. Moving targets are not commonly shot with a rifle. Shotguns are more relevant whenthe targets begin to move. Many shooters prefer them over rifles typically because the shell for a shotgun consists of several BBs for a more spread out shot; Unlike the single shot of a rifle. The size of BBs depends on the gauge of the bullet and gun. The BBs help to hit a target that is moving. There is a difference in hunting and competive shotguns. Shotguns used for hunting have mainly 3 different actions: semiautomatic, pump-action, and single-shot.These are determined by how you load and eject shells from the chamber. These are very important to shooters. Shotguns used for competing are built from lighter metal than those used for hunting. They usually have semiautomatic actions for the speed. Another category of guns we have are muzzeloaders. These can be categorized as rifles or shotguns. It just depends on who you are talking to. There are