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Quaysha Conrad
World Societies
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Guns, Steele and Germs Part 2
Overall, this episode of Guns, Steele and Germs was more interesting than the first episode. Professor Jared Diamond goes on a journey to explore the quest of understanding power. I personally agree with his theory stating what separates the winner from the losers is the land itself. Theoretically the more land an empire has the more power it will have as well. Also the empires with more people could travel the world finding a weaker empire and take over increasing their power all over the globe. I think of this concept like survival of the fittest, the stronger empire takes over everything. In a way it’s not fair because some land contains gold and other valuables while other land is just good for farming. Its proven that empires near the Fertile Crescent are more successful with farming and agriculture putting them at an advantage. Once crops and animals spread out, it caused civilization. Another advantage of having more crops and animals is that the animals could be used as muscle power and transportation making it easier to farm and also travel to other parts of the world to conquer and control more land. Something I found very interesting was the way the conquistadors had different techniques for riding and controlling the animals making them more domesticated. This type of control was very helpful in a way they could ride down people making an easier attack and also scaring people who had never seen