Essay on Guns, Germs, and Steel Chapter by Chapter Summary

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Chapter 1
1. The main lesson of chapter one was explaining how humans came to be and major jumps in our development.
2. I agree with diamonds ideas because it is scientifically proven that humans started by evolving from monkeys in Africa
3. That people developed certain things suddenly instead of gradually, that the clovis was responsible for many mass extinctions of large mammals around 11,000 B.C.

Chapter 2
1. Looks at the effect of the climate on the civilization being a small group of hunter-gatherers or a large empire
2. Yes, if there is a lot of resources around it can support a large group of people instead of a small group of gatherers
3. The climate can change how people live
Chapter 3
1. Analyses how the Incan
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How languages began to form
2. Yes, it had to start somewhere
3. Parts of some languages were stolen to form new languages, first form of writing originated in southwest asia, first writing was called cuniform
Chapter 13
1. the first inventions and their origins
2. Yes, writing had to start somewhere
3. First inventions didn’t work real well, places with good food production and a large population were where inventions flourished
Chapter 14
1. Reviews the levels of organization in the society
2. No, levels in the society are a myth
3. 5 levels, lowest are usually less intelligent, top usually is in charge.
Chapter 15
1. Explains how Australia and new guinea are inhospitable and support low populations
2. Yes, white people are wussies and can’t live in that type of environment till recently
3. Europeans could hardly live there because of malaria and other diseases, Australians seemed to have a backward society, Australians showed they had a head start over others.
Chapter 16
1. How china became so uniform
2. Yes, something had to be going on for them to all be so smart
3. The Chinese population used to be more diverse, northern Chinese overran the southern Chinese and threw out the odd people
Chapter 17
1. How the pacific islands were inhabited by Asians
2. Yes, they are the only ones close enough to end up there with the primitive technology that they had.
3. The pacific islands were