Guns: Imperial Units and Electronic Music Playing Essay

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English 101
1 November 2013
Cold Steel
A very crude and inadmissible memory I have is when I was literally at the wrong place at the wrong time. I was at a party/location I had no business being at. I was eighteen about to turn nineteen; I was also young and dumb. I thought I was “cool”, solely because I with the “bad” type of people. Lord knows this was a bad Idea from the beginning. Why? Because there was so called “gangsters” there and people who were involved with guns and drugs. It was a very frightful and attritional experience. Thank god in the midst of it all I am alive and well and I was not harmed.
One day a friend of mine invited me to a party. He said “there would be a ton of free things there, even weed.” There was even going to be liquor ton, of women and what more could a single teen want than booze and a girl. If anything this was “the” party to be at. So I tried everything in my power to go, and not try to overdo it with all the alcohol there. So I head out to the party around nine ‘clock to get a spot and scope it out before I go in. As I see a ton of people pouring into this house I start to walk towards it and I see a giant black guy as a bouncer and his little short Hispanic minion of a friend collecting the money like a circus of freaks showing. The entry fee was ten dollars and we even were patted down to make sure no weapons were brought in. as I walk in I see a flood of people moving and swaying from the electronic music playing in the background. There is a ton of hair everywhere, from the dancing and movement of the head. Back when I was eighteen crazy hairs was in as you were dancing. Imagine a ton of lions moving their mane vertically it was actually a funny sight.
As I start to make my way towards the kitchen to start drinking some hard alcohol, the lights got dimmer because someone had just took a puff off their joint and the room filled with a sweet and floral smell. I make my way to the kitchen to get a drink and I see my friend talking to his ex-girlfriend and I knew they had a major falling out. As I am walking down I hear commotion and as I turned my friend had punched his ex in her face, and then threw another punch hitting her current boyfriend. As the crowd scattered I move back inside the…