Guns in America Essay

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After all of the recent deaths and tragic shootings that have occurred in the United States over the last couple of months, the unjustifiable question rises to the surface for all the world to ask, "Should an American Citizen still have the right to bear arms?

Though both sides of the overall argument have their positives and negatives, I strongly believe that an American citizen should absolutely have the right to bear arms under a licenced policy.
I’m going to spend this time explaining to you all why I strongly believe that Americans still deserve the right to bear arms, and in the process I am going to explain why you should all look at this argument with an open mind.
The United States of America was not a country that was founded by the explorer who first discovered the scontinent. Every American soldier who wanted their land and independent freedom, fought for blood, sweat and tears to make the country what it is today.

The USA only became what it is because the American Militia fought for their own individual right to Freedom.
Naturally the right to bear arms was passed by congress, and became the Second amendment of the American Bill of Right. There have been many occasions where this Amendment has been questioned by the American people, but never as frequently as up until now. And even now I still strongly believe that an American citizen should have a right to arms.

Several of my upcoming supporting arguments have been drawn from
Banning guns won’t work, if it did Washington, DC and New York would be the safest country if that was the case. But the fact of the matter is since 1976 it has been illegal in Washington, DC to own any sort of handgun in your house unlocked and fully functional. Let me remind you Washington, DC is known as the “murder capital of the United states”, so banning guns will not keep them out of the hands of criminals.
You think the police will be of help? If a criminal spots you in the street and decides to make you a victim, you can’t afford to wait for 30 minutes, 20 minutes or even 10 minutes for the police to arrive and do their thing. Assuming you even get the time to call and connect to them. 10 minutes is way more than enough time for a criminal or thug to rape, rob, murder, or cripple you for life. With a gun this threat poses less of a problem. Every day, thousands of peaceful Americans successfully use guns to defend themselves. A recent study by Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck found that Americans use guns defensively 2.5 million times a year.
In a recent study, statistics have shown that up to 1,145 times in a single day a handgun is used against a robber, and another…