Guns On Campus

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In the past few months, firearms have been a very controversial topic in the United States. This is a new law that has been made due to all the shootings that had happen in school zones, here in America. There are some states that have now allowed the use of guns in college campuses. A lot of people, especially students are concern about how this could negatively affect them and what precautions should they take now. Guns shouldn’t be allowed in college campuses because it increases violence, it takes responsibility and negatively affect the learning environment.
The power of having a gun might increase violence between college students. America has a high rate in violence and people have seen it with their own eyes in television. Guns will
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Students will get easily distracted by the fact that they have a gun with them. They will pay more attention to the guns than their classes. In the article “Guns on campus would affect learning environment”, the author says “Students may withhold their opinions during class discussions for fear of offending classmates, and instructors may feel uncomfortable lecturing to a class of armed students.” This means that with guns many people is going to be afraid of expressing their opinions and it will definitely affect the students’ education. The fact that anyone can have a gun in campus could create an unsafe environment for everyone that attends to school including employees/staff members.
In conclusion, Guns should not be permitted in any college campus because it will bring a lot of problems to the school environment. These dangerous tools will always be a symbol of violence. America should put more attention to the situation and make new changes and new laws to prevent more tragedies in schools. Students also should be more attentive of their actions and be alert from any type of dangerous situation. Allowing guns in campuses doesn’t solve anything and will not prevent other people from doing bad