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Ruby Wood
Future SGS
Core 2
Future SGS notes
Waterless urinals
Geothermal heating
Cooling system buried 515 feet underground
Motion-activated faucets
Paint and furnishings made from low-volatile organic compounds
The media is very interested in the green schools
Building runs on wind, solar power ad boats an irrigation pond
The environment, academic, finical, and health benefits are impossible to ignore
On average, green schools use 33% less energy and 32% less water, according to USGBC
They skim about $60,000 off its annual energy bill and conserves about 43% or 360,000 gallons-of water each years
60% more energy efficient, saving about $11,500 annually on water alone
14 millions kids-more than a quarter of our nation’s students-attend schools that are considered substandard or dangerous for their health
25% higher learning rates and test scores in reading and math than their peers in rooms with less natural light
The 70% of districts with sustainable schools reported improved students performances
Half of our nation’s 115,000 schools have problems linked to poor indoor air quality
Most of students and teachers spend their time indoors, more asthma attacks and respiratory infections mean more sick days
Use recycled paper and packaging, the education textbooks market is lagging severely behind
Fracturing process used to make textbooks more durable to the bureaucratic K-12 market
Green products and pesticides, and incorporates eco-friendly lessons into it curriculum
USGBC created LEED chapter that focuses on green schools
Day 1: Tuesday, December 29, 2009
African American man, unmentioned first name Monfort, from Seattle Washington. The title is, Monfort death penalty decision due by June 15. The article is about a black man being accused of shooting and killing a police officer. I feel that this article addresses that the shooter was black; all of his defending and prosecutor lawyers are white. In this article it does not state anything about disabled people.

Day 2: Friday, January 01, 2010 White male, Greg Nickels, from Seattle WA. The title of the article is “Outgoing Mayor Greg Nickels leaves stamp on Seattle.” The article is about the old mayor of Seattle leaving and wishing his best to all of his old coworkers. In this article I didn’t hear any or see any other races than white people. They did not talk about handicapped people. They focused on old white males mainly.

Day 2: Friday, January 01, 2010 16 yrs old boy, unmentioned name, unmentioned were he lives. The title of the article is “Girl dies in murder-attempted suicide in Burien.” The article is about a 16 boy shooting his girlfriend and then shooting himself in the chest. They took the girl to Harbor view medical center but died later that night. In this article they did not name any races or names in this article.

Day 3: Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
White male, Leigh Herring, Chicago Illinois. Herring came home from Afghanistan to help his wounds, from a car bomb. He started running out of sick days from work but couldn't go back. In this article they talked about Herring's wounds but nobody else's. The article didn't mention anything about different races besides white.

Day 4: Monday, January 04, 2010
Bank robbers, unmentioned name, unmentioned were he/she lives. “Former Army Ranger faces another 20 years in prison for attack, plot to kill prosecutor.” This story is about a bank robber being sentenced for 20yrs, who tried to kill the prosecutor for his case. In this article you didn’t know anyone’s race. There were no handicap people.

Day 5: Monday, January 04, 2010 A white female, Jan Drago, lives in Seattle WA. “Drago sworn in as King County Council member.” This article is about Jan being sworn in to king county council member after finishing 16yrs for the Seattle city council. This article and pictures didn’t have any other race than Caucasian. There were no people with disabilities mentioned in this article.…