Guns: Supreme Court of the United States and United States Essay

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“America should be the safest place on earth” (Ngo, 2013, Pro:Why Guns Should Be Banned in the U.S., para. 1). In this day and age and with all the advanced technology, this statement would be impossible. The laws that are put in place in the United States were made to assist our country with some type of structure. Although living safely without the fear of violence is an “American Dream”, we cannot stop the behaviors of all individuals that live here. Gun violence incidents such as the ones described earlier occur by either the mentally ill or those with history of crime. People need to have the ability to protect themselves. The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms. Ngo feels that The Second Amendment should be like the First Amendment such as with the freedom of speech that it is not an “absolute right” or and is a “well-regulated militia” (Ngo, 2013, para. 4). If the mental or the criminals knew that individuals could not protect themselves, violence would be on the rise. Stricter laws not banning guns need to be put into effect.
As we look at countries that have virtually no gun violence, Switzerland comes to mind. They did not ban guns but have a very strict handgun laws. Kopel & D’Andrilli (1990), stated, “that all guns are registered, and handgun purchases require a background check and a permit” (para. 2). If our government would focus on the loopholes that allows 40% of all guns in the United States to be purchased without a license, we can decrease gun violence. “Coalition To Stop Gun Violence” (n.d.), states “prohibited purchasers are less likely to try to buy guns when they know comprehensive background check requirements are in place” (para. 2). The problem is all states do not require background checks. If all the states would require universal background checks and permits, this would do away with the loophole.
Although I do not agree with Ngo’s article did make some good points and does have valid, credible, and reliable information. The logical fallacies in the argument is when he brings what The Second Amendment states in regards to a “well-regulated militia” because that what this law aims for and that although it gives us the…