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Gurpreet Singh Bamrah
ELCA 401
Instructor Lonnie Roh
December 8, 2014

Excessive Use of the Internet is Harmful for the People

We all know that the internet is probably the most useful resource known to man in this day of age. The Internet, which is accessed by millions of people from the young to the old, has become part of our lives. It can be a wonderful resource for people if they use in the positive direction and in limit. People use the internet for many reasons like for paying bills, for playing games, for shopping etc. its awesome tool, furthermore, it is not only easy to access, but also easy to use. In my opinion, excessive use of the internet is bad for the people because of three reasons.

First, the people, who spend much of their time on the Internet, may lose the ability to establish genuine face-to-face communication with friends or relatives. Most people think that when people are very much indulged in the usage of the internet, so that they might not be able to achieve face to face communication with the friends and the family. There are many instances where people talk to each other through social media sites. Even they know each other they react like that they do not know. The problem is that the internet reduce face to face communication among the people.