Guy Dropouts In College

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Henry Santos
Prof Thompson
Academic Reading
30 August 2012

Guy Dropouts in College

I feel like the statistics of more female graduates than the males is right on track. Just with the mindset you can already think of many reasons to which this is true. Not only can you see it in the past, but also you can see it on the present with a vast majority of people saying comments on their Facebook about how school is not worth it. When I see these comments it’s always a guy making them.
One thing that might influence a male is the fact that they can start doing hard labor jobs that pay them a good amount of money. For example, one status that I saw on Facebook said, “ I’m already making more money, I don’t need to go to school.” I laugh inside because they are so wrong with that statement. I feel like what they are doing is good, good for them that they are making good money. Personally I think that everyone should take their education serious, regardless of their gender.
Another factor in which I think guys might drop out before is because they have a lack of knowledge into how much more they will get paid if they went to college. In the beginning I had thought the same but then I took a look at some books that made me realize I was wrong. That’s when I thought differently. Maybe since us guys like to have our own little toys at a young age. It makes it harder for us to go to school because we get too focused on saving our money to buy this toy that we have been wanting for a while. The mindset is that they don’t want to do anything else but focus on that one thing they want. For example, lets say Anthony wants to get this really nice car, but he has to work and make money first before he can purchase it. He wouldn’t want to go to school because then Anthony would work less hours and it will take longer for him to get his car. Right there, He made the decision that he didn’t want to go to school.
In order for males to stay, I think they have to have their mind set straight especially if