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Fitness Journal

Do you think you are an active participant in Healthy Living? Yes I think that I am an active participant in healthy living as I participate in regular exercise and eat healthy foods every day. Sometimes when I eat at a restaurant I would chose to eat something healthy once in a while. What do you do regularly to stay active? Explain. I am a part of the Lo-Ellen’s Track team. At practices we spend an hour and a half training, which increases our endurance. I also play Sudburnia Soccer and take swimming lesson during the summer (soon will become a lifeguard.) Finally I occasionally go downhill skiing. Do you think your parents have a large influence on the activities you participate in or is it your decision? My parents have a large influence over the activities that I participate in as they always encourage me to eat healthy things daily and help me participate in activities. Do your teachers influence your decision? Teachers throughout the school always encourage me and others to join a team as they didn’t and wished they had or did participate and enjoyed it when they were in High school. Are you a healthy eater? I consider Myself a Healthy eater as my parents constantly made healthy food that is from all of the food groups like salads and fruits etc. My mom also personally makes food for me every day I go to school. When you are at home do you eat well balanced nutritious meals? Yes when I am at home I eat well balanced meals as my mom personally makes food for me, and we discourage eating any food that is unhealthy/junk food or eating out at restaurants frequently. Do you eat what