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-1Naira Sabic
My long term goal was to start eating healthier so that I was able to have more energy in my body to be able to do the recommended exercise I need.

I: Introduction Overview of my Behavior Change:
I selected this behavior change because I have very bad eating habits. I work at a fast food place so I eat a lot of fast food. Going to HACC, makes it hard to eat healthy because there is not a lot of healthy foods in the cafeteria. I want to eat healthy in order to obtain more energy. I love junk food like chips and candy, and also food that is not so healthy for your body, which will make this a little challenging.

II: Goal and Rationale
I want to add something healthy to all of my meals I consume. By the end of the semester I am trying to get to the ideal 4 and half cups a day of fruits and vegetables.

III: Resources:
-Add fruits and vegetables as a snack instead of the normal chips, candy, or peanuts I eat when I am craving food.
-Tell my Dad to buy healthier foods, and to cook me healthier meals.

IV: Barriers
- Junk food is so more delicious to me.
- I don’t like much vegetables. The look of eating some green is disgusting to me
- Working at a Fast food place, or always having to eat somewhere else might make eating healthy hard

V: The Plan
-When I bring food to HACC for my snacks I plan to bring a nutrition bar, water, and carrots.
-Pack my self food for work, instead of eating Wendy’s every time on my break.
- Have my dad buy more of the fruits I actually like to eat, like strawberries, apples, oranges, and grapes.
- Have healthier meals cooked at home. Not so much fried foods because that is what my family eats the most. Cook with Olive oil, if we have something fried.
- Find Vegetables that I actually like to eat.
-Find protein shakes, or even juices that help you get fruit and vegetable intake.

VI: Journal
Week of October 11th- I honestly didn’t start anything. I kept telling my self I would pack my self healthy food but never got around to it.
Week of October 18th- Went to the grocery story with my father, and bought my self grapes, the small carrots that I could bring with me to places, strawberries, and etc. I wanted to just start with the fruits since I liked eating them more. I did bring healthier snacks with me, but I still drank soda, and always packed chips. A for the fast food nothing changed.
Week of October 25th- This week I cut back on the fast food. I only ate when I was on my breaks at Wendy’s. I did not go to any fast food places unless I was working. As for the fruits I kept bring my self carrots, or grapes with me to HACC. I started to bring a water bottle instead of buy Fanta every day.
Week of November 1st- I looked up ways to eat vegetables without being grossed out. I started with eating vegetables smothered in cheese. I figured out I like eating broccoli and cauliflower with ranch. When I wake up I eat a banana, and a yogurt instead of the waffles I used to eat.
Week of November 8th- I started bringing my self food from home for my breaks for work. The one day I brought cup-and noodles. The other 3 days I brought left over from what we had at dinner. I still continued to bring healthier snacks to HACC. I bought nutrition bars that have fruit in them. Every