A Note On Gymnastics In Bermuda

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Gymnastics in Bermuda

My trip to Bermuda to compete with my gymnastics team was an event that helped shape who I am today.
While my team and I warmed up in the Bermuda gym, I felt apprehensive and a little scared in this new atmosphere. As I was about to compete on the balance beam, I thought I should do my very best because competing in another country is a one in a lifetime opportunity. Throughout the gymnastics competition, I realized that I didn’t have to make this meet competitive; I just needed to have fun. I was proud of our team because we were always supportive of each other, whether we fell on an event or scored the highest. It didn’t matter to us if someone did poorly, we just wanted to be a team and cheer each other on. When it was awards time, our team received a second place award. We were all so happy.
As I trained hard at the gym to improve my skills and become stronger, this event changed me physically. My body got stronger and I was eating healthier. Competing in Bermuda changed me mentally because I learned to focus on my skills while ignoring the audience. My self-confidence grew as I started improving my routines. Socially I became closer to my teammates as we all experience our trip outside of the United States. We now all laugh when we talk about our trip and all the fun we had in Bermuda.
This trip had a positive impact on my health because I was able to train harder than I ever did for this great opportunity. I was also able to…