Essay on H&Sc Unit 11 Unit 11 Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence

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Task 1 (P1)
With examples, describe forms of abuse which may be experienced by adults. To achieve p1, produce a table that describes the different forms of abuse that adults may be subjected to.

Forms of Abuse Which May Be Experienced By Adults

Abuse is mistreating someone whether mentally, emotionally, sexually, financially or physically that is likely to cause death or harm to a person such as making them feel worthless, guilty, isolated or making significant loss to a victim’s property.

Forms Of Abuse
Meaning Of Abuse
Physical abuse
Physical abuse is a result of pain, injury or impairment in the body due to a purpose infliction of force to a person.
For example, by shaking, pinching, pushing, burning, force
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Explain different factors that may lead to abusive situations in any health and social care setting for adults.

Factors That May Lead To Abusive Situations

The people who are most likely to be at risk of abuse are vulnerable adults. The factors that may lead to abuse towards adults could be: people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health needs, sensory impairment, aphesis, comatose or semi comatose.

Abuse in a care setting can happen to those who have any of the health factors above or few that I haven’t mentioned. Elderly with a sensory impairment may be abused because the care giver has anger problems or cannot control their selves and any behavior by the elderly person can lead the career to abusive situations. Abuse usually takes place when the abuser is aware of the victim’s mental capacity therefore they will undermine the victim’s rights knowing that the victim will feel shame or fear of reporting the abuse.

The other factor that may lead to abuse is adults with mental health needs. The careers intention may not be abuse at all times however, at times the careers may disregard the adult’s needs because they are mentally impaired and will not mind. However, what ever the intention is, neglecting an adult is an abuse whether it’s done purposely or not. People with mental health problems sometimes are naughty and the career may use physical force on them in order to calm them down. The