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Running head: Personal Worldview Inventory

Personal Worldview Inventory
Grand Canyon University
Spirituality in Healthcare
May 18, 2015

Personal Worldview Inventory
There are many different meanings to the word spirituality. Spirituality can be defined in several different ways, as it pertains to different worldviews. Throughout this paper we will look at and discuss worldview as it related to pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism. Worldviews have been known to be a matter of the heart. Every person has a world view, “A worldview is a commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart, that can be expressed as a story or in a set of presuppositions (assumptions which may be true, partially true or entirely false)
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After death Many have often wondered what happens to a person after death; do they go to heaven or to hell? Are we as humans reincarnated? Or does one experience a transformation to a higher state? What a human being believes happens to a person after death is a belief that has usually been acquired from what their religion and culture teaches them. In Christianity it is believed that to die and go to heaven would be the reward for living a life without sin, a life that is meaningful. However, Christianity teaches us that we are supposed to preserve life and avoid intentional death to ourselves and to others at all possible cost.
Knowing anything To determine one’s personal worldview they might ask, why is it possible to know anything at all? Some may answer that we as human beings are made in the image of an all-knowing God, allowing us to absorb his knowledge and information. It is believed that god has built human beings with the capacity to know things. Others say that consciousness and rationality of the human race developed under the need of survival in a long process of evolution.
Right from wrong How do we as human beings know what is right or what is wrong? From infancy most of us are taught by our parents what is right and what is wrong morally. We are brought up being taught proper morals and ethics. We are taught that as citizens of this country we are to