HNC Social Care Values and Principles Essay

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This essay will examine how social care values and principles influence practice. My own value base was influenced by my parents and extended family initially. As I was growing up teachers and peers also influenced my values. Amongst some of the values I live my life by are having self-respect and being respectful of others; being trustworthy, honest and truthful; being non-judgemental. I was always encouraged to work hard and do well at school which would help me to achieve my goals. I have a supportive family, who have always encouraged me to express my own thoughts & opinions. These values mean that I always try to treat the service users I work with in a non-judgemental way, with respect & using
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She was extremely agitated, and was adamant that she did not want this information to be disclosed to anyone else, for fear of repercussions from the landlord. I explained to her that although the information she had given me would be treated as highly confidential I had to pass the information on to the police. The police were involved, and the service user was moved from her private let into emergency accommodation. She was referred to counselling & victim support. Information regarding the landlord was also passed to the Landlord Registration Scheme, as the landlord was registered with them. This information would be used by the Landlord Registration Scheme when assessing the landlord’s suitability to hold a licence to rent accommodation. This information was passed on with the consent of the service-user.

Anti-discriminatory practice means ‘to act against any kind of discrimination, whatever its basis. Discrimination can be defined as the unequal and unfair treatment of an individual or group’ (Miller 2005: 52). The values that underpin anti-discriminatory practice are being non-judgemental, fair and showing respect at all times. Within the workplace anti-discriminatory practice is promoted through policies and procedures, which all workers should be aware of. Training is another important way of promoting