HRM Trends: Demographics And Social Matters

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Class 04
HRM in Context
HRM Trends
Demographics and Social Matters

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this session, students should be able to understand, explain and critically evaluate:
• Discussion contributions from fellow students during the set exercise
• the concept of an ageing population and its implications for organisations and HR
• changes in social attitudes and their significance for organisations and managing people
• causes of key social trends in the UK and internationally

Demographic and social trends
Total population trends



gradually Number and getting size of ethnic older minorities increasing Geographical distribution Occupation

Highly urbanised centred on

Uneven distribution between men and women

Determinants of population change

Birth rate

Death rate

Net migration

Number of births per 1000
Total fertility rate (stable)

Number of deaths per 1000

Net difference of emigration and immigration rates

How would you define the

Made up of those aged 16 and over who are employees, self-employed or unemployed and are looking for work.
Farnham 2010 Chapter 8

by industry by occupation Patterns of employment

by sector working hours Changes in employee jobs
(selected industries)

Change in Millions

Agriculture and fishing

- 0.7

Energy and water

- 2.1


- 18.0

Distribution, hotels etc

+ 4.1

Finance and business services
Public admin, education and health

+ 10.9

+ 5.8

Types of immigration

economic immigrants family re-union asylum seekers illegal immigrants Case for

Case against


growth minimal

higher taxation

usurping UK jobs

skills gap

pressure on public services/housing pensions gap

affects on society/ quality of life

House of Lords Select Committee on Immigration
Main areas for action adapted from Farnham 2010 chapter 8

• Migration statistics need improving

• Review immigration policies and their impact on other policies
• Enforce minimum wage and take action against employers taking on illegal immigrants
• Clarify objectives of points based system
• Publish periodic ‘immigration reports’

• Consider further which types of immigration should be offered citizenship

How would you define the traditional family structure?
Will the traditional family structure soon be a thing of the past?

What other family structures are there and what are their effects on society?

Equal opportunity focuses on

Diversity focuses on

Equality in terms of:

Recognising, enhancing and utilising the particular characteristics of individuals

• Opportunity

• Outcome
• Distribution
• Recognition


Social elite Upper-middle


Working class New social structure Defining social class