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Unit 4 Assignment
HA545: Unit 4: Project
July 7, 2015
Prof. Cardell Bell
Attala Young

Introduction For many years there have been several discussions about the pros and cons with the use of marijuana. Many states and government have protested the use of cannabis. It has been declared illegal and is harmful to individuals’ health. Many drugs have been tested to prove if usage is harmful or safe. However, cannabis has not been put through the trial of determining its safety amongst a test group. The main discussion is about the benefits and harm of cannabis. The paper will explain the concerns and the benefits of marijuana. It will also explore the policies and laws. The comparison of marijuana and other addictions will be compared and discussed. Due to the potential to cause high dependability and no medical benefits, in 1972, marijuana was established to be a Schedule 1 substance. Other drugs in this category are Heroin, LSD, and PCP. These drugs are considered to have high dependability, which is defined as making an individual depended on or addicted to the drug. The drugs are illegal in multiple states and enforce strict laws to prohibit use. Out of the Schedule 1 list, marijuana has been proven to have medical benefits under the supervision of medical physicians. Understanding the benefits and aid in treatment of many diseases of marijuana, in 1996, the state of California allowed marijuana to become legal for medical use. California made a bold choice to legalize marijuana for medical use. Many states followed California’s lead, and today 23 states and District of Columbia allow protection for the use of medical marijuana. In 2014, Alaska became the fourth state to legalize recreational use of marijuana. A recreational drug has easy access, for example, alcohol and cigarettes. These types of drugs can be used openly and lawfully (Ferner, 2014) (ProCon, 2015)
There were two major arguments used to help California legalize marijuana. One argument was that if medical professional thought it would help with condition, the patient should be allowed to use it. The second argument was that selling marijuana would generate revenue for the state. Research showed that with the rising amount of people needing marijuana for health benefits, the potential for sales would dramatically increase. California showed a significant trend to help with medical conditions. There have not yet been any cases to show increase in health hazards or deaths due to using marijuana (Pros & Cons of legalizing marijuana, nd). Even though it is legal to sell marijuana in certain states, there still obstacles to overcome. Become a seller of marijuana; a license must be purchased from the state as well as the government. As a customer to buy marijuana in the state, he or she will have to get a prescription written by a physician in the state he or she wishes to purchase the drug. Parameters have been implemented to ensure legal sales of marijuana and discourage illegal sale of the drug in the state. There are strict inspections to also discourage illegal sale of marijuana. Lastly there are certain rules followed in other states to ensure the legal sales of marijuana are for those with medical conditions it to keep away from recreational purposes (Pros & Cons of legalizing marijuana, nd). I am in favor of allowing the usage of marijuana for medical purposes. I will refer to evidences to support my position on the issue. It’s important to review the medical impacts of marijuana. The biggest challenge is whether to continue federal prosecution of marijuana or allow it to be medically recommended for its benefits. Purposes of marijuana suggest that the drug is harmful to individual’s health, causes brain damage, and is addictive. There is no current evidence to support these accusations. Research has found that marijuana stimulates brain cells and has no negative affect found in consuming