Haagen Dazs Marketing Plan Essay

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The marketing environment focus analysis external environment to effect our industry market and how to effect our customer relationship to make it successful

The marketing environments can analysis both of micro-environment and macro-environment. The micro-environment can analysis our company how to serve our customer “which is included the company, supplier, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitor and public”.(Philip 2010). The macro-environment is analysis outside company to effect micro-environment “which is included demographic, economic, natural, technology, political and cultural” (Philip 2010).. First of all, I would like to one by one to apply Haagen-Dazs.



The company
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These two partys, Haagen-Dazs will provide difference environment elements and service to the member. In business model, Haagen-Dazs may give physical place to give present their project, they can lend our company any equipment which is not included our kitchen to make ice-cream. It is because we will loss raw-material. However, Haagen-Dazs will prove the best environment to give them enjoy our ice-cream and present their project, Haagen-Dazs hope you satisfy presentation.


Haagen-Dazs use the best new technology to make ice-cream, it make a difference tsate ice-cream, it make the best ice-cream to achieve their satisfy need.

Haagen-Dazs have provide WIFI technology to provide 24 minutes free web service to enjoy their entertainment, they only pass in our website they can use 24 minute free web service, after 24 minutes starts to change to pay web service, they only click continues to use it, Haagen-Dazs starts to court their using time to court their money


The food environment department will motivate Haagen-Dazs area environment and the product quality safety to make it continues to run the business or bankrupt the business, it make more people to enjoy the ice-cream or decrease to enjoy this brand name is very important point

The government stats to operate ISO 9000, the government hope business to achieve ISO 9000 factor to reduce air . Haagen-Dazs have achieve ISO 9000